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A letter from the artist

Hello hello! 

Welcome to my colorful corner of the internet!

I'm Annie and I think it's important to note that i'm a SoCal gal through and through. Growing up I lived in sunny cities like San Diego, Newport Beach, Los Angeles, and now Palm Springs, which means that I've been exposed  to not only an excess of UV rays but the bright colors and vibes of these gorgeous spots. I love to draw upon my experiences living in these stunning places to pull inspiration for all the vibrant colors I create with. 

I'm a digital illustrator and muralist and I live to create eye-catching art that expresses my love for all things bright, retro, and groovy. I'd like to believe that I'm someone who very much prescribes to the idea that magic and fun are all around us, and my art tends to give a little wink to that notion. 

Sometimes I get asked what does "It's a Disco Day" mean? To me a 'Disco Day' is a day full of groovy tunes, good vibes, and creating with lots of color and sparkle. 

So let's work together and make it a DISCO DAY! 

Untitled_Artwork 194_edited.png

Let's make some magic together
contact me at to connect!

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