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Annie works her artistic magic, conjuring up tailor-made murals that sprinkle stardust over your space, wink at your audience, and leave lasting impressions of your brand.


Annie's obsession with all things shiny and her knack for vibrant colors come together in a burst of creativity, painting mesmerizing scenes perfect for your office, hotel, restaurant, or vacation spot.

Annie's a bit like a mural magician who sprinkles a touch of shimmer into every stroke as she creates every eye-catching piece.  So, whether you're dreaming of turning heads, making your brand go 'POP,' creating a spot so 'instagrammable' it breaks the internet, or giving your workspace a makeover that even your office plants will enjoy, Annie's got the creative chops to whip up the winning combination of design + color to create one epic and unforgettable experience.

Mural Magic_edited.jpg

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let's make some mural magic! send me an email at or fill out my information form below! 

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